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Become A Mogul

Join this powerhouse community and gain an

invaluable support group in your corner.

Ever feel like growing your business would be so much easier with a SUPPORT SYSTEM?


We're that support system.

We make your mission our mission.

From growing your Instagram to making more sales...

100% of our Net Revenue gets re-invested back into our Moguls.

You heard us right. Every dollar.

Because we know that when generous women succeed, we all succeed.




  • Be featured on the searchable/shop-able Mogul Marketplace (the place where conscious consumers and creators come to buy, hire & collaborate with giving-focused entrepreneurs!)


  • Be eligible to be chosen as the "Mogul of the Month" for a 30 minute coaching session w/ MIO Co-Founder and Business Coach Jess McKinley & a major giveaway for your business


  • We re-invest regularly in our Moguls. Examples include: Paid Ad Spend, free branding resources, photo shoots, gift cards to your business purchased, free tickets to networking events, copy-writing, branded swag, etc.


  • Free entrance to paid Mogul events (Live & Virtual)


  • Moguls are the focus of all Giving Challenges, run via Instagram & at events


  • Free Marketing on our Instagram pages, stories & email Newsletters


  • Mogul rates/discounts to shop other Mogul Member Businesses

  • An instant in with other Moguls making waves in our community (& priority for collaboration & hiring)

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