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The Women Behind Moguls

Who We Are & The Businesses We Call Our Own

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Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 5.56.17 PM.png

Jessica Uyeno

MIO Co-Founder &

CEO of What's Happyning

Jess is a backyard Happiness Scientist. When she’s not speaking Spanglish, climbing trees with her 6 year old son Calvin and playing with her beautiful daughter Marika, you’ll find her coaching her clients - The Happsters. Listen to her coach Moguls & Happsters weekly on 'The Sincerely Future You' Podcast. It’s her mission to help ambitious female business owners like you realize that your brain is the cause AND solution to all of your problems.

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Daphny Bravo

MIO Co-Founder &

CEO of La Rosa Mystica

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Daphny Bravo is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Owner and creator of The Ritual Rose™️ and La Rosa Mystica Color Guide, Daphny works closely with clients in Soul Coaching and intuitive readings and healings where she helps them manifest desires with ease to unleash their most soulfully successful life. 

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Janelle Badia

MIO Executive Assistant/Graphic Designer &

CEO of Badia Creations

Janelle Badia is a senior graphic designer, strategic branding creator, and Canva Extraordinaire. Her mission is to support and collaborate with business owners who are looking to create killer visuals for their business and learn how to master the tools that can take their business to the next level. Through strategy, custom templates and real time design, Janelle helps her clients become more aligned with their overall brand message and essence.

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Cristal Guzman

MIO New Member Onboarding &

CEO of Sister Sweets

Cristal and her sister Jacqueline started their chocolate shop, Sister Sweets, from a passion for creating unique and special treats. What started as a way for them to bond and create together soon turned into a beautiful business based off of sisterhood. They specialize in chocolate covered strawberries, but also offer all kinds of chocolate covered treats! In addition to custom orders, they now offer full luxurious dessert table setups for all of your events. 

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Marni Butchkoski

MIO Event Coordinator &

CEO of Art By MarniB

Painting for 25 years, art has always been a part of Marni's life. After the sudden loss of her brother in 2020, Marni's frequent visits to the beach led her to collect large seashells from his favorite surfing spots. She began painting the shells and before she knew it, her business was born. Since, Marni has expanded her painting to many other surfaces for commission work including porcelain, wood, glass, canvas, furniture and murals all throughout NY.

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